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Jun 3, 2014 A Madam e-mail To ArthurFan@ChineseMedicineDoctor.US
Dear Dr. Fan,
I spoke with you recently over the phone about my diagnosis of oromandibular dystonia. You had asked that I send you some background, as well as my address to send an herbal remedy to that you have found works well for dystonia patients.

I was diagnosed around 9 years ago by two neurologists (Lahey Cliinic, Mass General) with task-specific oromandibular dystonia. I was doing radio broadcasting (weather reporting) for a couple of years, which involved repetitive phrases and likely- at least in part- brought on the condition. I first developed symptoms while doing the reports in a recording booth, although my conversational speech was normal (behind the microphone I had symptoms, and stepping away from the microphone I had no symptoms). The symptoms intensified over time and I eventually had to quit the broadcasting. My conversational speech eventually became…

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Several patients called us for either pubic bone area pain, or groin area pain, inquiring if acupuncture or Chinese medicine can treat that. For more detail answer this, I give some basic information here:

(1) during last 10 years, our clinic has treated 15 patients for this conditions, all successful, the treatment is 8-16 sessions.

(2) Recent case:

Patient S.D, a young lady saw us for her pubic bone area pain and groin area pain, she finds this pain is related to her work and living condition, if stand too long or driving too long, she feels the pain start or get worse.The pain has bothered her over two years. In the same time, she also has left side lower back pain and left side shoulder, upper back pain and stiffness.

Until now, she got 6 sessions acupuncture (and using Huo Luo Xiao Ling Dan capsule, a herbal medicine), her…

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Clinical Report 1 (Japan)

Acupuncture for Cervical Dystonia

Originial article is at : http://www.kaim.us/pdf/KAIM_journal-4/KAIM_journal-4_CR-1.pdf

Ikuro Wakayama, Sohei Yoshida, Toshiaki Suzuki,

Makiko Tani, Aya Takada and Hironori Inoue

Research Center of Neurological Diseases

Kansai University of Health Sciences


This paper introduced author’s new concept for

acupuncture therapy in patients with

cervical dystonia. To achieve

satisfactory therapeutic effects, we

divided the affected muscles into two

groups using clinical evaluations and

EMG findings on motion analysis, i.e.,

muscles affected by a primary disorder

and those by a secondary disorder.

Abnormal hypertonus or hypotonus of

the muscles and unsustained head

movement are designated as the

primary disorder. Muscle and skin

shortening were designated as the

secondary disorder. We used the needle

retaining method for primary disorders

and multiple epidermis-penetrating

needle stimulation on tender spots for

secondary disorders. Thus, we applied

these different and specific

acupuncture treatments to each group

once a week. After 10 sessions…

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Virginia Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr. Miriam Lee, OMD (Lee Chuan Djin)http://tungspoints.com/lineage/

In 1976, Miriam Lee was one of the first people to be licensed as an acupuncturist in the state of  California. In 1974, she was arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

At her trial, her patients filled the courtroom in protest of her arrest, claiming their right to the only medicine that had truly helped them. Within a few days of Dr. Lee’s trial, acupuncture was authorized as an experimental procedure in California. In 1976, Governor Jerry Brown signed the  legislation that finally legalized acupuncture.

The Acupuncture Association of America was founded by Dr. Miriam Lee in July 1980; Dr. Lee continued to lead the organization until her retirement in 1998. The Acupuncture Association of America was created to promote public education about acupuncture, provide continuing education classes for licensed practitioners, to guide and support legislative advocacy, and to promote research in the field…

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Acupuncture helped the recovery of Guillain-Barre Syndrome(Video),by Dr.Arthur Fan in Washington DC & N.Virginia

December 16, 2011 by arthuryinfan

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is very effective in Guillain-Barre Syndrome’s recovery in some cases.

Here we have a case record in video, I hope patients with Guillain-Barre Syndrome don’t get frustrated, use acupuncture or/and Chinese herbal medicine as early as possible, in most of cases, very good.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Ngu5WrPDcE&feature=youtu.be